Penile Implant can cost, still Penile Implant Surgery may be an Answer

Peyronies Disease Treatment: Penile Implant

A bent penis during erection is a condition caused by Peyronies disease. There is normally a small amount of curvature in the penis and is considered normal. Congenital penile curvature is normal and many men are born with it. It causes the penis to point slightly in a direction other than straight forward although the penile shaft is relatively straight. However, in some men the curvature is abnormal due to formation of plaque or a hard fibrous layer of scar tissue under the skin of the lower or upper side of the penis. When erection occurs the scar tissue pulls the affected portion of the penis at an angle, which causes a curved penis. Plaque growth is benign and does not cause any major harm but it is painful and patients find it difficult to have a sexual intercourse. The disease is marked by pain, lesions or scar tissue and abnormal curvature in an erect penis. The penis has an hour glass appearance. The disease also impairs the ability to obtain an erection and may lead to shrinking or shortening of the penis. Not only it is difficult to enjoy sex, erection per se causes pain.

If scar tissue is present in on the top of the penis it causes to curve upwards. Downward curvature is seen when the plaque forms on the underside of the penis. In the event of scar tissue developing on both sides of the penis, it leads to indentation and the penis has an hour glass shape. In many cases the disease remits on its own leading to elimination of pain but not the curvature. Penile implant is recommended in cases where treatment is required. Penile implant is a devise that is surgically placed in the smooth tissue or corpus cavernosa, the pair of sponge like regions of penile tissue.

Oral Peyronie’s disease treatment such as vitamin E supplementation, sildenafil and interferon has been considered but non surgical approach to treatment is not effective in most cases. Surgical implantation or penile prosthesis, although considered to be a last resort, is the appropriate treatment in advanced cases.

The efficacy of manual techniques like stretching techniques as well as other devices that exert longitudinal pressure on the plaque is currently the subject matter of research. In some cases penis pumps, the traditional treatment of erectile dysfunction is recommended for this condition as well.

Where other treatments fail to provide relief penile prosthesis is the only available Peyronie’s disease treatment. However, care should be taken that the surgery is performed by a highly skilled surgeon because it involves delicate surgical procedures so as to avoid penile infection and other complications.

While most men continue to enjoy satisfactory sex but the disease can have serious ramifications including depression. Peyronies disease can be physically and psychologically devastating due to obvious reason and more so if it leads to shrinkage or the penis and erectile dysfunction.

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